Penguins Love Colors Craft


It’s been less than a month since Christmas and Mateo already has committed half of this book that Grandma gifted him to memory. He LOVES it. Originally purchased to help him learn his colors but gifted literally the day after he figured out the colors of the rainbow, Penguins Love Colors is an adorably sweet tale of six little penguins who’ve been named after the colors of the rainbow. Together, using their respective colors, they paint their mama a beautiful picture and make a giant mess (two things Mateo loves doing) before settling in for a bath and a good nap. I couldn’t recommend this book any more and this craft was an adorable way to reinforce the colors while allowing Mateo to recreate the characters of his favorite book. He had a blast making the penguins, a small meltdown over not being able to eat the eyes and an even better time matching the penguins he made with the ones in the book. At one point his paper penguins started talking to the penguins on the pages of the books and I literally almost died. Super easy to make and fun to display, this craft brings books to life for your little one in a fun and interactive way.

One thing I will note: in the future, I would do one or two penguins instead of six. He’s two. His attention span does not lend itself to making six of anything. By the last penguin, he was ripping the paper and yelling at the penguin to stop eating his pasta (he was not eating pasta at the time so I’m not entirely sure where that came from but, ya know, kids are weird).



  1. Construction paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Crayons
  4. Googly eyes (you could use crayons or construction paper to create the eyes if you don’t have the Googly eyes or would prefer to skip the “why can’t I eat themmmm” meltdown).
  5. Glue


  1. To prep: Cut 6 black penguin bodies from your construction paper. This requires little more than creating an oval and adding arms. Now, granted, if you penguin crafts, you’ll find much more shapely penguins. I am not that skilled at freehand drawing. This worked just fine and Mateo had no complaints about my penguin drawing skills.
  2. To Prep: Cut 6 smaller ovals out for the white part of the penguins belly. Cut 12 small white circles for the eyes and 6 orange triangles for the noses / beaks.
  3. To Prep: Cut out 6 hats of any shape in the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
  4. Collect your eyes and glue and crayons.
  5. Read the story with your little one then lay out the black penguin body and ask which color penguin you should make first. Have your little one glue the white belly, the eyes and the nose onto the penguin and have them pick out the corresponding color for the penguin they chose. Repeat with the rest of the penguins.

This was one of Mateo’s favorites. He loves animals and really enjoys waddling around like a penguin and we legitimately read this book every single night and sometimes ten times in a given day. Watching him have his green penguin talk to the green penguin in the book was the best part of the entire thing. As icing on the cake, he said goodnight to his penguins before going to bed. If that’s not a vote of approval, I don’t know what is.


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