Fork Painting : Panda Face


In an effort to shake up our usual painting game, I introduced the concept of fork painting. Essentially, this is as simple as using a fork to move the paint outward from the center of the paper while creating fun lines. In theory this sounds fantastic. Its execution, however, was a little less smooth than I would have hoped. It takes a lot of paint to create the panda’s face and some definite trial and error is required to find the best possible angle for the fork. For a two year old, achieving the perfect angle isn’t his strongest suit. Still, once he and I got the hang of it and had a serious conversation about not eating the paint on the fork (You can’t blame him for that one, really. Everything else that’s presented on a fork is food… you could see how he would get confused), the activity was fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.

One thing I will note: I offer up an in-between craft when the project involves waiting for paint to dry. Otherwise I end up with a seriously disgruntled two year old. Generally speaking, the in between craft is easy, quick and doesn’t involve much prep work or too many steps. Today’s in between craft was a a pom pom caterpillar. Simply glue pom poms to the top of a clothespin (with eyes on the first pom pom) and let dry. Simple. To the point. No one is going to write letters home about it but it served its purpose here.


Now, back to fork painting.


  1. Red card stock paper (I use card stock for crafts that involve paint and glue because it just holds up better to the weight of the materials).
  2. Black and white construction paper.
  3. Glue.
  4. Scissors.
  5. A Fork.
  6. Pipe cleaner for the mouth. This was technically supposed to be black but Mateo felt strongly about purple and why the hell not, right?


  1. To Prep: Cut out black half ovals for the ears (2), black ovals for the eyes (2) and white smaller ovals for the whites of the eyes), cut out (1) half circle for the nose. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and then cut one of the halves in half again to create a smaller piece.
  2. To Prep: Gather 2 Googly eyes, a fork, white paint and some glue.
  3. Pour a small mound of white paint in the center of your card stock paper. You will likely have to add to the mound as you go but start small to avoid over shooting the mark.
  4. Demonstrate how to push the paint out towards the edge of the paper with the fork and then let your little one give it a go. This took a few lessons for us but he got the hang of it quickly.
  5. Once a face shape has been created with the white paint, set the paper aside and let dry.
  6. Once dry, use glue to add two ears to the top of the face, the two eyes (with the smaller white pieces acting as the whites of the eyes) and a nose. Then, add the Googly eyes and arrange the pipe cleaner to look like a mouth.
  7. Voila. You’re done. Display!




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