Paper Plate Ladybug


This little cutie is rocking a double ear infection and spiking fevers left and right. Therefore, we’ve been stuck indoors for a couple days and paint was requested before the clock signaled 10am. Another addition to our paper plate craft collection, this adorable ladybug was a huge hit and super easy to make. It also reinforced why I craft.

I get that question a lot. Why the crafting, Lizi? Or “Wow! I’m so impressed by your willingness to craft with him. I leave that to daycare!” First and foremost, my answer is always a reminder that as a stay at home mom, there are so many hours in a day. The time needs to be filled and I would prefer it not be filled by binge watching Bob the Builder (I won’t lie and say that doesn’t happen but my preference is that we exhaust other avenues before turning the tv on). But, beyond that, crafting is my chance to watch him focus. The concentration he shows while creating our projects warms my heart. He’s a wild one. He’s incredibly active. He doesn’t sit still well. He’s two and he’s especially rambunctious. When we craft, he sits (or stands) and I can see his little brain shift into focus mode. I get to watch him grow cognitively as I ask questions and hear the answers he comes up with. I get to watch his brows furrow in concentration and see him deliberate over where to put the last leg. I get to watch my child’s mind work. To me, that’s worth every minute spend cleaning paint off the various surfaces of my home and my child. THAT, my friends, is why we craft.

This little ladybug was a big success and produced more than a couple smiles from the kid who is fighting infection and fever. I’m calling that a win.

Note: as we waited for the paint on the paper plate to dry, he enjoyed some free form painting. This killed the perfect amount of time for drying purposes and served as our in between activity.



  1. Paper plate (cut in half)
  2. Red paint
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Black construction paper
  6. White construction paper
  7. Green card stock paper


  1. To prep: Cut a paper plate in half
  2. To prep: cut out 4-6 circles to form the ladybug’s spots, cut out a larger circle with antennae as the head and two white and black circles to form the eyes, cut five strips of black to function as the legs.
  3. Let your little one paint the paper plate red. Allow time to dry. Glue the painted plate to the center of the card stock paper, leaving room for the head and legs.
  4. Once dry, have your little one attach the head under the edge of the plate. Have them glue on the circles for dots, the strips for legs and the black and white circles for eyes. All of this is fairly self explanatory once you see the picture.
  5. Enjoy!

To extend or enrich the activity, Mateo and I practiced counting the legs, reviewed how many legs we have vs. how many legs spiders and ladybugs and caterpillars have and read a book about bugs. All good fun and all optional.




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