Snowy Day Crafting: Snowman Puppets and A House Made of Shapes


Oh snowy days…. the stuff dreams are made of. Unless, of  course, you live in a town that shuts down at the slightest sign of snowfall and have a slightly under the weather and incredibly cranky two year old on your hands. That was us today. All our usual haunts were closing early due to the weather and Mateo seemed to be feeling a bit under the weather so playing out back was vetoed. Which is how we ended up with a two craft day (which, since we’ve been lax about crafting and blogging since I took a new side job that’s left me a tad more exhausted than usual, kills two birds with one stone).

A side note about cranky toddlers. Do not let them paint. I mean, you do you. I’m not gonna tell you how to captain your ship. But, if you want my advice, I would have to advise against it. In my experience, nothing good comes from handing a cranky Mateo a paintbrush. Days like today are times when I need crafts that can be thrown around in frustration without a significant amount of mess piling up. Glue crafts fit the bill perfectly.

Mateo has recently become obsessed with Frosty the Snowman so a snowman puppet was first up.

Snowmen Popsicle Stick Puppets


This craft was incredibly easy to make and was a huge hit with Mateo. He loved the ability to hold the snowman and talk to it. The next ten or so minutes were spent urging me to “talk to snowman, mama!” Before bed I was scolded for not saying goodnight to Frosty. I’m calling it a success. That said, please be advised that the pictures shown are the good ones. The kid loves to craft but don’t get it twisted. On days like today, paper is thrown and tears are shed. Crafting is not exempt from the wrath of a cranky toddler. Still, overall, multiple smiles were elicited and fun was had.


  • Popsicle sticks
  • White card stock paper (for the body)
  • Black and orange construction paper for the hat and nose
  • Colored paper of your choice for the scarf
  • 3 pom poms
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  • To prep: Cut three circles out the white card stock paper for the body. I used one of our paint jars to create the circles. Cut out a hat from black construction paper and a triangle as the nose from orange construction paper. Create two small squares to serve as the eyes and a “Y” shape for the scarf.
  • Ask your little one to glue on the snowman’s body using the circles. I showed Mateo where to place the first one in order to leave room to hold the stick as a puppet. From there, he simply placed each circle above the last.
  • Once that’s done, ask your little one what the snowman is missing. Mateo’s first guess was a belly button. His second guess was a nipple. We are learning about our anatomy over here…. what can I say. Eventually I suggested a hat. He agreed. From there, glue hat, eyes and nose on. Once the face is complete, add the scarf and use three pom poms as the buttons.
  • Hold up your snowman and have a good ol’ chat.

A House Made of Shapes 


The purpose of this craft was two fold. First, I needed another craft to keep this little guy occupied and calm. Second, I wanted to practice matching. Since I know he knows his shapes, this seemed like the perfect chance to work on matching skills. We decided we would make my mom a house. She is beyond delighted, let me tell you. I outlined all of the shapes on a piece of white card stock paper and then asked him to match the triangle outline on the paper with the triangle cut out (and so on and so forth). This took longer than expected. Despite knowing his shapes, the matching proved to be a little tricky. In the end, he figured it out and I was pleased that we did this craft (and made a mental note to do more matching crafts). Granny’s house is currently located on our fridge until Granny is ready to move in.


  • White card stock paper
  • Colored construction paper – the colors are entirely up to you.
  • Glue


  • To prep: Cut out a large triangle for the roof. Then cut out between 5 and 8 strips of paper (in different colors) to serve as the walls of the house. Finally, cut out two squares for the windows, a wide rectangle for the door and a thinner and shorter rectangle for the chimney. Once everything is cut, use these shapes to trace an outline on the card stock paper.
  • Hand your little one the paper with the outline and lay out the various shapes. Point to the roof and ask what shape that is. Then, ask if he can find another triangle. Glue into place. Do the same for the remainder of the house (minus the windows and door). Once the foundation is built, ask your little one what is missing. If they struggle, try prompts. “Oh no! No one can get in the house. What do you need to get in a house?” Then glue the windows and doors.
  • Label your house and send the recipient instructions to prepare to move.

Enjoy and let me see what you create!

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