St. Patty’s Day Crafting : Leprechaun Hat and Lucky Rainbow


March has arrived. The weather is starting to warm and the Irish are gearing up for St. Patty’s Day. My family is Irish in name but far more apt to enjoy a green bagel than corned beef and cabbage. Still, we are Irish and – therefore – we shall craftily celebrate in the coming weeks.

To kick off this adventure, Mateo and I got busy making a rainbow with a pot of gold and leprechaun mask. The Rainbow and Pot of Gold craft is not our finest showing and almost wasn’t included in the blog. At the last minute I decided to keep it real and present what we’ve got. Also, with a smidge more cooperation from my little guy, I believe it would have been a super cute craft. The mask, however, has me quite pleased.

Sip some green beer and enjoy!

Paper Plate Leprechaun Masks


This little dude hadn’t a clue what a leprechaun was before this week. To get him going, we checked out some library books and listened to some St. Pat’s songs. Still, it’s a new concept that has resulted in some interesting conversations and an inquiry as to whether a “lepcon has penis too?” I’m not entirely sure but I’ll wager yes. Even without a solid grasp of the concept, Mateo loved this craft and had a blast shoving his masked face in front of all his trains and exclaiming “you lucky now!!!” Simple to make and a fun way to introduce the leprechaun character, this craft gets my vote!

Unrelated side note: Check out that face of his. THAT face accurately sums up today for ya. Kid was up to no good all damn day…..

Some lessons from my trenches:

  • Use cardstock paper for the hat. Ours kept falling forward after being painted. Next time I would choose a thicker paper.
  • When making paper plate crafts in general – but especially those that are intended to be masks – buy the thickest paper plates possible (for the same reason as the card stock paper). If you have thin plates, glue two together like I do.



  • Paper plate
  • Card Stock paper for the hat
  • Construction paper for the hat trim and buckle.
  • Orange and Green paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  • To prep: Cut the middle out of your plate. Cut out a hat, a hat trim and a buckle from card stock and construction paper, gather paints and glue.
  • Let your little one paint the plate orange. Once finished, set aside to dry.
  • Move on to painting the hat green. Note: You could use green card stock paper if you wanted to cut down on the painting involved. We love painting over here so we used a beige color to paint on. Set aside to dry.
  • Once completely dry, have your little one glue the hat onto the face. Then, have them glue on the hat trim and the buckle. Let set for a few minutes before trying to use as a mask.
  • Let the luckiness ensue!

 Hand Print Rainbow and Pot of Gold Thumbprints 


Let me tell you, this was ADORABLE on Pinterest. Adorable. Our final product is adorable because it’s made by my kid and I love him. Beyond that, it’s admittedly not our finest showing. The yellow handprint is just a disaster and the rest should have been closer together and should have started directly above the pot. I knew things were taking a turn for the #pinterestfail when Mateo smacked his red colored hand at the top of the page. Well, this craft isn’t going to look quite like I had imagined. Still, we soldiered on.

Here’s what I will say. We got to chat about St. Pat’s Day. We talked about being Irish. We reviewed the colors of the rainbow and we painted our hands. The beauty of being two is that he had no idea what the final product was supposed to look like and could not have had more fun if he tried. Nor was he particularly displeased with his painting in the end. A good lesson in enjoying the journey rather than obsessing about the outcome.



  • Paint: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple and brown (or gold if you have it)
  • Black Construction paper


  • To prep: Cut out a pot shape from black paper, collect a brush for each color to avoid having to wash the brushes in between each hand print and lay out some paint. Glue the pot to the bottom right hand corner of a piece of white cardstock paper.
  • Have your little one paint their hand red. Then, starting directly above the pot, guide them into making a red handprint. Or…. have them slap their red hand where ever they see fit 🙂
  • Repeat with the remaining colors in an arc shape to create a rainbow.
  • To create the gold coins, mix yellow and a little brown paint together to create a gold-like color. (Or, buy gold paint). This should be about 2 parts yellow to one part brown.
  • Then, have your little one use his finger to make coins.
  • Let dry and display (or file away for safe keeping LOL).


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