Paper Plate Flower… Because I Hate Snow

paper plate flower collage

Day 2 of a March snow day seemed like the perfect time for a Spring themed craft. In fact, I’m gonna make the rest of our crafts Spring themed in hopes that our dedication to the cause will bring warmer weather. This paper plate craft served two purposes: it reminded us that Spring will be here eventually while giving me a use for what one might call an alarming number of Popsicle sticks that reside in my craft closet. Simple, fun and cute… this meets all my conditions of a solid craft.

Some helpful hints from this crafty mama:

  • Maybe your toddler is different but mine struggles to remain focused on a single color when presented with a host of options. To ease this struggle, I lined each of the sections with the designated color as we worked our way through the craft. This gave him a purpose and clear direction. “Can you color from this orange line to the other orange line?”
  • Pinterest made the flower petals smaller. Because I’m no fool and I know my child, I made them a little wider and used less colors. This gave him room to enjoy painting without causing me a hernia as he missed the designated petal.


  • Paper plate
  • Paint (in whatever colors you choose)
  • Popsicle stick (either green or painted green)
  • Green card stock paper
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors


  • To prep: Cut the desired number of flower petals in your paper plate. Cut out 2 leaves for the stem. I glued the leaves ahead of time because I wanted to use hot glue and didn’t want to field requests to help from the little one.
  • Lay out the paper plate. Ask your little one to paint the middle one colors. Then work your way around the center to paint all the petals.
  • Let dry and glue the stem on.
  • Enjoy!

paper plate flower close up


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