Hatching Chick Craft

mateo egg collage

Spring is here. Thank the good Lord! To celebrate, we opted for a craft I’ve been excited about for months. Mateo’s fascinated about the idea of animals hatching out of eggs. It all started with a book called Dinosaur Farm. The little baby dino poking its way through the egg quickly became his favorite page and kicked off his interest in learning about this phenomena. Therefore, I knew this craft would be a huge hit. In fact, when I asked if he wanted to make a baby chick and help it hatch from it’s egg, his face lit up! Simple, adorable and educational… this craft gets two thumbs up from us.

To get started on the endeavor, we read the Hungry Little Caterpillar and talked a little about the various animals that hatch from eggs. Mateo took it upon himself to practice hatching himself out of a pretend egg by curling himself into a ball on the floor, popping up and yelling “TEO HATCH.” I chose not to correct this… mostly out of laziness and a lack of interest in explaining where he came from. Judge away, folks! From there, we got started by painting the chick’s body. I explained that he had to help the baby chick grow by painting the egg. As more and more of the egg was painted, his excitement level grew and he kept exclaiming “It’s growing, mama!” From there we proceeded with the rest of the craft.

mateo painting egg


  • White card stock paper
  • Yellow paint
  • Brown construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes (or a marker to create eyes)
  • Orange construction paper for the beak
  • Pipe cleaners for the hair


  • To prep: Draw an oval on the white cardstock paper. Cut out a similarly sized oval from brown construction paper. Cut a triangle out of orange construction paper and fold the two sides into the middle to create a raised beak. Set out some yellow paint.
  • Have your little one paint the egg yellow with their finger to help the chick grow.
  • Once painted, let dry.
  • Once dry, glue the eyes and beak on. Glue the brown construction paper egg shell on top by squeezing glue around the perimeter of the egg shell. At this point, I told Mateo that the chick had to take a nap so it can grow before it’s ready to hatch. I busied him with another activity and made a small slit in the eggshell (on top of the beak) to give him a starting point for ripping the paper.
  • Show your little one the slit in the paper and explain that this means the chick is ready to hatch. Have them pull off the paper and discover the baby chick. If they are so inclined, they can add pipe cleaners for hair. We fed our chick cheerios because Mateo felt strongly he was hungry.
  • Display and enjoy!

mateo peeling egg


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