Easter Crafting : Bunny Hats and Hatching Chicks


Despite the fact that the weather seems to be confused, Easter is right around the corner! To get in the spirit, we – of course – crafted. In the first two of what will surely be a host of Easter crafts, we made some rabbit ears to hop around in and painted a hatching chick with our fingers. While both were a huge success, the bunny ears gave Mateo a chance to practice his hopping skills and that was simply adorable. Read on to see what we’ve been up to and stay tuned for some more ideas. This morning included a restock trip to Michaels Craft Supply store, so we are READY for a week of rain!

Bunny Ears Hat 

mateo bunny hat collage

Today was one of those mornings when I was praying to the gods of toddler sleep for a late wakeup. Not only did I get an early wakeup, but he was especially excited about life from the moment his eyes opened. There was no snuggling up with coffee, my toddler and Moana. It was “GO GO GO” from the get go. A whopping 10 minutes into being awake, he asks to “make craft and glue?” While I love crafting, I generally prefer to do so after 9am. Thankfully I had planned on making this adorable hat yesterday and had already cut and prepared the items. So, crafting and coffee it was!

In the end this was a HUGE hit. Since he’s never really made a hat before and the pieces didn’t look like a bunny before being assembled, it took a little warming up and coaxing to get him into it. Once he grasped what was happening here, he was far more excited about the idea and once the hat was complete and he caught wind of himself in the mirror it was GAME OVER for him. He hopped around like a bunny for a solid 20 minutes, showed his hat to the fish, told the fish that hats are for big boys and not fish and then promptly displayed the hat right next to the fish so they could be friends. Be still my heart, be still.


  • White cardstock paper
  • Pink construction paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Pom Poms in bright colors
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape (for the hat)


  • To prep: Cut out two ovals for the rabbit ears. Use white cardstock for these, with smaller ovals cut from pink construction paper for the insides of the ears. Fold a pice of white cardstock paper over lengthwise and cut down the middle to create two rectangular pieces to use for the headband. Cut two small rectangles for the teeth and set out pom poms in dish.
  • Have your little one glue the pink ovals in the center of the larger white ears. Once that’s done, have them glue pom poms around the pink oval to decorate the ears. Mateo and I are running into some glue issues lately. Mainly, he’s fond of eating it and sticking glue nozzles up his nose. So, for this craft, I used a hot glue gun. I applied hot glue dots around the smaller ovals and he placed a pom pom on top after I had let it cool a bit. This was a lot of work (complete with regular reminders that the glue is hot). Ideally this phase will pass quickly.
  • Once done, apply the eyes and teeth to the appropriate part of the headband. Tape the two large rectangles together and measure your child’s head with the paper. Tape where appropriate.
  • Let them try it and let the fun begin!

Here’s a picture of the fishie and the bunny hat bonding.

mateo bunny hat and fish

Hatching Chick Finger Painting 

mateo hatching egg collage

Lemme start by saying Mateo was having a day today. So if you’re perplexed by the lollipop break, that’s why. Sanity reigns supreme in my house. If sanity means you need a lollipop and a craft to hold it together emotionally, a lollipop it is.

I settled on this craft because of his recent love of finger painting. He’s SO over handprints and now loves making dots with his fingers and some paint. Therefore, this seemed ideal. Generally, I would cut all the parts ahead of time and let him glue them each on. Today, however, he was cranky and full of complaints about life. To make our lives easier and get to the fun part, I glued the shell and the chick’s head onto the egg ahead of time and let him focus on finger painting. Happiness ensued (with a small break for some lollipop comfort).


  • Orange, yellow and white cardstock paper
  • Black and orange construction paper
  • Glue
  • Paints


  • To prep: Cut out a large oval from orange cardstock paper. I used a giant serving bowl as a guide for my oval. Trace another oval (the same size) onto white cardstock paper and draw a zig zag line across the center. Cut along that line to create a cracked shell.
  • Glue the egg shell and chick’s face to the oval background.
  • Set out paints and let your little one dip their fingers into the paint to decorate the egg shell.
  • Glue on the eyes and a nose.

mateo hatching egg final

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