Chocolate Cookie Bunny House 

The little one and I are vacationing in Delaware. Given that we are staying with family and not everyone shares my mess tolerance levels, we took today’s crafty activity outdoors. 

Mateo has been looking forward to this bunny house for days. Purchased last week for the express purpose of killing time in between trips the beach and the boardwalk, he’s has to wait patiently and was very ready to get going once we started. The bunny house was nearly as much of a mess as people warned me it would be and Mateo focused like a champ. 

A note about focus. Since his arrival in Delaware, my little one has been a bundle of energy and vaguely unmanageable. Breaking out a craft seemed like a poor idea to my mom but it calmed him quickly. 

This is why we craft. I’ve been blessed with an incredibly active two year old boy. I rarely see him stay in one place for more than 5 minutes at a time. He’s always on the move, climbing the walls or getting himself into some sort of trouble. Crafting, however, brings out a focus and concentration that is simply amazing to witness. He loves all things crafting and I love watching his brain work and seeing him take a break from his non stop lunacy to focus on a task. It’s a win win for all.

We used a ready to make kit from Stew Leonard’s to cut down on the mess factor and make for a more manageable craft. Therefore, instead of directions, I’ll offer some tips. 

  • Inspect the candy ahead of time to avoid meltdowns. I removed the gumballs before he caught wind that they even existed.
  • Only display the parts you will be working with immediately. I hid the candy and blue icing until we were finished with creating the house’s structure.
  • Plan an activity for the 20-25 minutes you’ll need to wait while the icing dries before adding candy. Mateo found this especially troublesome. On my next go round, I would have a fun activity ready to distract him. 
  • Have fun and embrace mishaps. My mom and I had a number of laughs as parts of the house started to droop. Enjoy yourself! If crafting isn’t fun, why bother! 

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