Paper Plate Turtle — A Collage Activity 

I’ll be honest. This was intended to be a handmade puzzle activity. My goal initially was to trace puzzle pieces and use them as the turtle’s shell. Well, that got old fast and I abandoned ship and opted for a simple collage. 

Despite the last minute change of plans, this was a big hit. Mateo loved the chance to decide which piece should go where and put a significant amount of consideration into the decision. Once the puzzle piece idea was abandoned, the prep was minimal and I glued the turtle parts and the paper plate to the card stock paper ahead of time to allow Mateo to focus on making the collage (and to cut down on mom participation in the process). Mr. Turtle now resides under Mateo’s trampoline because apparently that’s where he likes to sleep. 


  • Paper plate
  • Blue card stock paper
  • Green construction paper
  • Colored construction paper to make the shapes for the collage 
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sharpie marker 


  • To prep: Use green construction paper to cut out the arms, legs, head and tail. Draw toes and fingers on the limbs and add facial features to the head. Cut shapes out of various colors of construction paper. Glue the paper plate and turtle parts to the blue card stock paper. 
  • Let your little one pick and choose which shapes go where to cover the shell. Let them use a glue stick to adhere the shapes to the plate. 
  • The end. Enjoy! 

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