Coparenting with Pinterest — And Why I Have #noshame About It 

Over and over again, it happens. I post a craft and field half a dozen compliments about my creative genius. And so, the time has come to come clean (despite the fact that it’s never been a well kept secret). When it comes to crafting, Pinterest and I are in a coparenting relationship and have mastered the art of division of labor. 

90 percent of my craft ideas come from the site– or sites like it. Rarely do I invent my own craft ideas. Often, however, I will combine a few different crafts to create one that I think will most appeal to Mateo or will reduce the chance of meltdowns. Crafts are tweaked to accommodate his personal preferences, his skills and his unique personality. For example, a ring toss activity that involves hollowed paper plates tossed over paper towel rolls sounds perfect. Until I realize they use play dough to adhere the paper towel roll to the ground. Knowing my child, he won’t be able to ignore the play dough long enough to focus on the game. So, that gets tweaked. The original idea, however, still came from vast Pinterest universe. 

Do I feel badly about this? No. 

Do I think it detracts from our crafts? No.

Do I own up to it when an idea is called out as being particularly creative? Yes. 

The honest truth is that I used to feel badly. People used to ask if I came up with my own crafts and I would glance downward and admit that I did not. Then, I realized. Fuck it. Pinterest and I have mastered the key to successful parenting. An effective system for dividing the labor. Pinterest is tasked with idea generation while I’m tasked with execution. 

Listen, parenting is hard enough. Managing the emotions of a small one while keeping a house functioning and remembering to shower every so often is a big enough task. Why add more? Some people use this same argument to explain why they don’t whip out the paints for their kid. And I get that. I’m with you 200 percent. If I wasn’t a stay at home mom with over 10 hours to kill in any given day, we would probably craft a whole lot less. But, it’s either this or play trains 200 more times a day and I fear for my sanity if I choose the latter option. Additionally, it’s one of the only times I see my energizer bunny of a toddler stop moving long enough to really focus without a screen being involved. So, we craft and we’ve grown to love it. 

What I don’t love is the nagging voice in the back of my head that says I’m somehow still falling short because I didn’t come up with the idea on my own. In an ongoing effort to be kinder to myself, remember that the mere fact that I am giving parenting my all means I’m killing it and embrace the Pinterest mom that I am, I’m owning up to this fact publically. 

So. No. Most of the time my ideas come from the hours I spend scouring the internet for craft ideas. The crafts, however, are all us. The early mornings and late nights spent cutting, prepping, and assisting is all me. The painting, gluing and coloring is all him. Division of labor at its finest, if you ask me. 

In short- haters gonna hate. I’m gonna Pinterest and paint. 

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